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“My daughter just loves her PottieStickers and is wearing big girl panties now. If she goes another week she’ll get her Barbie toy she wants. We couldn’t get her started and PottieStickers motivated her. She is so proud of her pictures she makes.”
Theresa R. ~ Bel Air, MD
When my son Alex turned 4 and still refused to go on the potty, I thought it was hopeless. Then one morning as I was getting ready for work, I heard about PottieStickers on Froggy 98 morning radio show. I thought it was a great idea and had nothing to lose so I ordered a set. It is now 4 months later and my son is potty trained. He loves using PottieStickers everyday and I will be forever grateful to PottieStickers for helping me through a tough process.
Lorie N. ~ Whitaker, PA

C.J. was very excited to get his PottieStickers in the mail. We have tried everything to get him excited about toilet-training and PottieStickers did it. We have done the toilet targets, candy rewards and other stickers...even coloring the toilet water with food coloring but nothing worked. He’s almost 3 1/2 and we felt like we were running out of options! We have gone to all big boy pants. I can’t believe how motivated he has become in just 2 days (one of these days was filled with traveling and shopping...and still NO ACCIDENTS!). He loves his PottieStickers and runs to get them each time. Children LOVE to get things in the mail, and I think this just adds to his excitement...opening the envelope all on his own!
Thanks for making a difference!

Tammy L. ~ Riverview, MI
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