The Toilet Training Expert

Tammie Aaron-Barrada knows how hard it can be to toilet train toddlers. As a widowed mother of two, Aaron-Barrada needed a way to toilet train her two children. Using her creativity and ingenuity Aaron-Barrada developed a portable, consistent toilet training system that makes toilet training fun for kids and easy for moms and child care- givers. Aaron-Barrada's secrets to toilet training success are based on consistency, motivation and reward. The first company to provide a toilet training reward system designed specifically for traveling children of today, Aaron Barrada, Inc. recognizes and supports today's family on-the go lifestyle. Parents don't have time to toilet train because of their jobs and the chaos of every day life. Some families need to have both parents work, some family members have to work more than one job and single parents find themselves in an even more time constricted life style. How can parents deal with toilet training without a struggle? Aaron-Barrada, the toilet training expert, has developed a system that will successfully toilet train your child in 7 days. Proven successful at child care centers and by parents, Aaron-Barrada's "Secret Laws of Toilet Training & Tips" are the number one toilet training method available
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