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OMG I think you're products have actually worked on my stubborn little girl. We have seriously been struggling with Potty training, lots and lots of accidents and just plain refusal to go to the potty. We started your program this past weekend and while we had some minor accidents still, she has been in her big girl undies today without 1 accident. I'm so happy. She's only been on the program for 4 days now and already she has made such an improvement. Thank you so much for your wonderful program. I have no idea how or why it works, but it just does. Thanks again, Melissa in Hawaii

I mention PottieStickers and I hear “Can I do them, Can I do them?” Only if you earn them is my reply. One little girl says “I think they’re cool.” An older girl says “I wish they would have been around when I was getting potty trained.” The best response was from a 2 year old. I told her to try to go to the potty and she very seriously replied “I only pee for stickers.” The excitement is not only for the child being rewarded. All of the children gather to see which sticker is chosen.
The variety of stickers for each scene is very detailed and well thought out. The children ponder carefully as to where to place the special sticker, and the Ellie the elephant hunt is always a big mystery. I have tried a lot of potty training techniques over the past 18 years of family day care services. PottieStickers is a welcome exciting and interesting way to make my job a little easier.
Cathy Trout Day Care ~ Ruffs Dale, PA
We love our PottieStickers. Your program really works. We followed your five laws of potty training for success and stuck with it and it worked. My son loves his sticker sets. We use four at a time for our bathroom at home, I keep one in my purse, we send one to preschool two days a week and my moms house. How’s that for consistency. He carried around his certificate all week for his first success. I recommend PottieStickers to all my friends.
Theresa A. ~ Laguna Hills, CA
Potty training was sluggish at first, then we introduced PottieStickers to Madison and it took off from there. In two weeks she was completely potty trained and out of diapers. We bought a few packages and had PottieStickers at both Grandparents house and ours and she loved having them where ever she went. She loved her certificates too.
Chad W. ~ New Kensington, PA
It took my son Julian a long time to get ready to potty train. We tried a few different motivational methods, including rewarding him with jelly beans. He really responded well to the Pottie Sticker method. They were beautifully designed, with a lot of different scenes, so he never got bored. The stickers are nice and thick, which were easy for his little hands to manage. He felt a lasting satisfaction from the posters he created, which showed the progress he was making along the way. Pottie Stickers really eased the process for me, as a first time potty-training Mom. I highly recommend them for anyone!
Liz W. ~ New York, NY

Zachary 2 years and 9 months is a former PottieStickers child. He was fully potty trained including at night in 3 days with your PottieStickers! Zachary is now ready for RewardEmStickers. He wants the 3 pack of tools, candy jar and seahorses. Please let us know how to purchase this. We look forward to the RewardEmStickers. And of course will be using PottieStickers for Toby when he is ready.
Devorah W. ~ Slingerlands, NY

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