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PottieStickers® is a new creative toilet-training system that offers portability, structure and success. It provides day-to-day consistency throughout toilet-training. Parents and child caregivers now have a portable positive alternative to toilet-training their children. PottieStickers provides a simple and disciplined method to motivate your child during toilet-training; while at the same time, making them proud of their accomplishments by using a reward system. PottieStickers is so user friendly and flexible... it can be taken to daycare, grandma’s, daily travel & on vacation.

PottieStickers stresses positive reinforcement, imagination development and will motivate your child in the toilet-training process in less time and with less hassle. This is truly an innovation in toilet-training, a win-win situation that will help any parent or child caregiver keep their sanity while toilet training children.

There are many PottieStickers designs to choose from. PottieStickers builds self-esteem by allowing your child to express him or herself in creating a picture with colorful stickers as the reward system.
“While in the process of toilet training two toddlers, I lost my beloved husband. During this period of time, PottieStickers® helped keep me sane.” -the Mommie

PottieStickers are an improved and portable toilet-training aid. A new fun way to...

toilet-train children
reward children
educate children
entertain children
Some believe that the problem of toilet-training is three-fold.

Diapers just work too well keeping children from feeling uncomfortable from feeling wet or soiled.
There are just more places that a child travels to where using the toilet becomes an issue – daycare, babysitters, with family, in the mall, etc.
There is more pressure to stop using diapers because schools and daycares want toilet-trained children.

The most important thing in potty training is being consistent and PottieStickers are portable and allow you to be consistent which creates a successful toilet-training experience.

The key to toilet training is a lot of patience, persistence, and using the right tools like PottieStickers to reward success and to encourage progress and independence. Using PottieStickers for a toilet training aid sets your child up to develop cognitive skills, discipline and positive habits that will last a lifetime.

Our PottieStickers fold-out design was taped up on the back of the bathroom door.

(It could be taped on the inside of a cabinet door or simply placed on a refrigerator with a magnet, or left on a shelf anywhere.) It was ready to go in an instant when we left the house. For daily traveling an additional unit can be used or the same one can be rolled up, flat or folded for travel. I rolled my daughters and placed it in my purse when we went out for dinner and running errands.

When my husband took our son hiking and on day trips he folded it into his fanny pack or in his pocket and away they went. If potty time was a success, they got to select which PottieStickers they wanted each time. PottieStickers were handed to our kids to place where they wanted to onto the fold-out design.

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