Drop Ship Program

Become a PottieStickers also used as RewardEmStickers Drop Shipper!

You can make money from our PottieStickers and RewardEmStickers product line from our online marketing efforts!
Earn money on every sale you make. We ship out the orders for you. No inventory to stock just money in your pocket. Plus, the baby market is HUGE.
To learn more about our Drop Ship Program or to sign up now simply send an email to
titled: New Dropship Account

Dropshipping with Aaron & Associates is quick and easy. Put our artwork and information on your web site or Internet site. Email me ORDER in the subject line and it goes out in the mail to your clients with in 2 working days. I will send you a paypal bill on the 15th or 30th of the month when I do billing. It's that simple.

You're ready to start selling our products on your e-web store, fundraiser, brick and morter store or as an additional line to your at-home products parties. It's that easy.

We will even send out larger orders for you. Some people have sold them to their local stores, daycares, baby boutiques, parent teacher stores, and grocery stores for additional income.

We even personalized flyers for you to send out to your local daycares and local merchants and specialty shops in your area with your name and contact information only.

No inventory to stock unless you want to. You can purchase it at wholesale cost.

You may take product art images and descriptions from our web site pages I will list for you below for your web site pages. We also have an art area I will list for you.

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