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I heard you on FM106 radio station in Milwaukee, I was impressed with your story and I love the fact part of the proceeds goes to cancer research. Here is a photo of my daughter, Chloe using her PottieStickers. She thinks it is so cool to pick out a sticker and she loves it when she can get extra stickers when she goes poo. Thanks again.
Annette V. ~ Adell, WI
When trying to train my twins I found out from your information that I was not consistent in training the girls. Using PottieStickers not only taught me the best and quickest way to train my twins but it also was fun for the girls to learn. So instead of a stressed out mommy they had a smile from me and a new game to play and learn to go potty. Your instructions on teaching the girls how to go potty 10 times in a row was a huge help.
Gayle ~ Phelam, AL
  My son was terrified of the bathroom until we made it fun by using PottieStickers. Now he brags to all of our friends and relatives he can go potty. Making it fun and a lot less scary.
  Quickly approaching the age of 3, I began panicking about whether or not my son Jacob would be pottie trained by his third birthday. I saw PottieStickers hanging in an ice cream shop window and I asked the lady about it, and she said she had a pack and would sell them to me.I bought a pack and headed out for vacation in Virginia. We headed out Wednesday and by Monday Jacob was peeing on the potty (for 2 stickers of course!) IT was a life-saver and made it so very easy for Jacob to enjoy the experience!!! Thanks a ton!
Aliccia L. ~ Bethel Park, PA
  Both my boys are now potty trained but I use PottieStickers for my son’s night time motivational reward to avoid accidents. My oldest son uses them as behavior modification rewards. When he does his homework or cleans the room he gets a PottieStickers. They love the designs, their easy to use and it’s a time saver for me. Thanks for PottieStickers.
Julie C. ~ West Linn, OR
PottieStickers work!!! I am a nurse and have tried everything imaginable to potty train my son who has ADHD but nothing worked. My friend told me about PottieStickers and my son LOVED THEM. Thank you so much. He is now potty trained with PottieStickers and now we use PottieStickers as rewards for daily chores.
Carla ~ Groove City, PA
“I use PottieStickers for all our boys and girls for toilet training because it works and the kids keep asking for more. We use them for positive reinforcement for three to four months after they are using the toilet properly. The parents love them and also print out the certificate for them. I need another case sent out. When will the RewardEmStickers be available?”
Day Care ~ Dallas, TX
  “How great to finally have something that works that the kids are as king for. PottieStickers save us so much work and stress with toilet training. I Love the web site. We need 3 more dozen.” Express Learning
Day Care ~ Birmingham, AL
“We are currently Potty Training my son using your Pottie Stickers and Reward Certificates. The other day he told us for the first time that he had to go potty and we we SO PROUD!
Taryn ~  

“I was unable to get my son to poopy on the potty. A friend of mine gave me a pack of PottieStickers to try. Well, I’m happy to report he loves them and refuses to go potty without getting a PottieStickers now. How can I get 5 more packages. I gave Robert the “Big Boy Underwear Award” from your web site. He carried it for weeks. He and I were so excited. We use PottieStickers for EVERYTHING. Thank you so very much for your product.” We are waiting for your RewardEmStickers.
Jan L. ~ Pittsburgh, PA
  “My great-granddaughter, Kiersten was doing fine with potty training but after her baby sister was born she took a distinct dislike to her potty chair. She wouldn’t have anything to do with it for several months. I gave the PottieStickers to my granddaughter for Kiersten to try. Several evenings later I was at my son’s house when Kiersten called to tell me that she had gone “big on the potty”. She was so excited and happy with her accomplishment. PottieStickers really do work!” I need 2 more packages of PottieStickers for Kiersten and I would like 4 more for my neighbor.. She wants them now for her son.
Marcia S. ~ Waterloo, NY
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