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Toilet Train Your Child in 7 Days with PottieStickers.

Give one PottieStickers for sitting, give two PottieStickers for peeing and give three PottieStickers for a poopy.

Print out FREE award certificates every day for each of your child’s potty milestones. The Sitting Award, The Big Flush Award, The Aiming Award, Big Girl Underwear Award, The Toilet Graduate, You’re a Star, etc...

Kids love looking for Ellie the Elephant who is hiding in each of the 12 different design sets. Kids simply love PottieStickers. Can you find Ellie and place the Ellie sticker on her?

PottieStickers® is an eleven-time award-winning product that makes toilet training easier with less hassle for moms and child care providers. PottieStickers was named Best New Product at the American Business Awards by judge DONALD TRUMP, Best Children’s Product by Orca, the iParenting HOT Media Award, and the National Parenting Centers Seal of Approval to name a few. Recommended by Pediatricians, Child Psychiatrists, Child Care Centers, Parents and Grandparents.

PottieStickers is an improved and portable toilet-training aid. They come in a variety of designs to choose from. There are 1 or 3 design sets in each package. Each design provides children creativity and imagination development while reinforcing a positive and rewarding system for toilet-training. PottieStickers are colorful pressure sensitive labels that children place onto a fold-out scene creating a picture. PottieStickers “No Wrong Way Toddler Designs” allow children to place the stickers in any direction and always be correct.

Everybody wins when a child is proud of his or her accomplishments. PottieStickers is an excellent learning tool that provides children opportunities to creatively express themselves. Whether the child places the stickers in matching sets, stacks them on top of each other, places them according to size, makes a train with the stickers across the length of the fold-out sheet or actually creates a picture, they are having fun and want more PottieStickers. They will do their best to play this new game of PottieStickers.

In our fast paced world, single parent households, multi children households, parents and care givers, and child care systems will benefit from this portable, consistent reinforcement system during toilet training. PottieStickers are portable and travel well, they are easy to use, fun for all children, educational and creative toilet training aids.

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