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Toilet Train Your Child in 7 Days with PottieStickers.

Welcome to potty training with PottieStickers. We teach our children to feed themselves, how to speak and dress themselves and now it is time to teach them to go potty. Saving a hundred dollars a month on diapers, wipes and creams is a big reward for parents to potty train.

A child’s sphincter muscle develops at 15 - 18 months of age. These muscles allow a child to control when they go to the toilet. The opportune time to potty train a child is 18 - 21 months of age. Ninety two percent of children were toilet trained by 18 months of age not long ago.

Kids just love stickers and PottieStickers make mom’s life easier. Learning “How to Potty Train in 7 Days with Success” instructions is a time saver for mom. We also have toilet training tips and facts and FREE award certificates parents can print out from our CD.

PottieStickers colorful incentive award kits allow kids to make fun pictures while learning to potty train. PottieStickers are portable to travel with your child for today’s family-on-the-go-lifestyle... because consistency counts.

PottieStickers come 3 in a pack because you need ONE for home, ONE for mom’s purse for daily travel, and ONE for the child care facility or grandma’s house.

Each 8 1/2” x 11” fold out picture has correlating 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” extra, extra thick stickers for fine motor skill development of able bodied and special needs children. The “No Wrong Way” designs build self-esteem.


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