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For more encouragement in the beginning of toilet-training I gave

one PottieStickers for sitting,
two PottieStickers for a pee, and
three PottieStickers for a poopy.

Don’t forget to download and print out the FREE Reward Certificates for toilet-training. Use them every step of the way to encourage your child and to show them how proud you are of them. By supporting them in this way lets them really know you love them. It’s a win-win situation for you both.

Children today are older and older when they finally become independent in toilet use. Over the past few decades, the age at which toddlers stop needing diapers has been moving upward. In 1957, studies found that 92 percent of children were toilet trained by 18 months. Today, that figure has dropped to less than 25 percent. Only 60 percent of children have achieved mastery of the toilet by 36 months, and 2 percent remain untrained at age 4. These developments have fed a multibillion dollar diaper industry, which in 2001 racked up $545 million in training pant sales, and spurred the introduction of the giant-sized diaper, designed for toddlers.

Many preschool programs, day cares, mother’s day out programs and various schools will not accept a child that is not toilet-trained by the age of two to three years of age. We need something creative to encourage and inspire our children to potty train at an earlier age. So I invented PottieStickers for my children.

As we all know it takes a little longer with boys than girls for toilet training. Boys seem to take longer in developing muscle control. My son was 3 and my daughter was only 18 months old when they toilet trained. Every method I found and tried for my son simply failed. Nothing could hold his attention long enough to encourage and inspire him. It was very frustrating for my son, as well as myself, through this time until I designed PottieStickers for him.

PottieStickers is a communication tool without words - using stickers.

Toilet-training is the first, big step towards a child's independence and it can be a struggle. Two things that can make toilet training easier, faster and more positive is,

1. Getting the right information. Empower yourself with information so that you know you're not alone and you're on the right track.

2. Get the right tools. PottieStickers became a product because they worked in helping to not only toilet train my children but because it turned a frustrating task into a positive, educational journey between us.

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