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Motivation has never been this fun. RewardEmStickers develops self-motivation, discipline & good habits that last a lifetime.
Discipline & Structure
Attendance & Homework
Teachers Best Friend
Home/GrandparentsEveryday chores
Special Jobs
Learning Something New
Special Needs
Extra Thick Stickers
No Wrong Way Designs
Builds Self-Esteem

Motivational learning aid

Develop good habits that last a lifetime!
Want to encourage your children to develop discipline and good habits while bonding with you and having FUN? Sure you do! Every child needs motivation to do a good job and rewarded when the job is done well.

Each time your child is successful in performing an activity, he or she can feel rewarded by placing a sticker on the beautiful background, creating their own masterpiece -- task by task.

You can use RewardEmStickers™ to help your child accomplish tasks like:

· Cleaning their room
· Setting the table
· Washing dishes
· Brushing their teeth
· Hanging up their coat
· Putting their shoes away
· Doing their homework
· Saying please & thank you


Great Idea! RewardEmStickers™ can help your child develop self-motivation, discipline and good habits that last a lifetime.

Kids just love stickers and RewardEmStickers make mom’s life easier. Using RewardEmStickers is a time saver for mom from learning manners, doing daily chores and to helping out on a special project. We also have FREE award certificates parents can print out from our web site for many chores.

RewardEmStickers colorful incentive award kits allow kids to make fun pictures while learning new tasks and manners. RewardEmStickers are portable to travel with your child for today’s family-on-the-go-lifestyle... because consistency counts.

RewardEmStickers come 3 in a pack because you need ONE for home, ONE for mom’s purse for daily travel, and ONE for the child care facility or grandma’s house.

Each 8 1/2” x 11” fold out picture has correlating 5 1/2” x 8 1/2” extra, extra thick stickers for fine motor skill development of able bodied and special needs children. The “No Wrong Way” designs build self-esteem.

Give one RewardEmStickers for every day chores, give two RewardEmStickers for a little job or task and give three RewardEmStickers when learning something new, like saying Yes, Please & Thank You!

Print out FREE award certificates every day for each of your child’s behavioral milestones. I Brushed My Teeth Award, Making The Grade Award, The Getting Dressed Award, , etc...

Kids love looking for Ellie the Elephant who is hiding in each of the 12 different design sets. Kids simply love RewardEmStickers. Can you find Ellie and place the Ellie sticker on her?

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